Flexible Ruler and the Crotch Curve!

Perfect Crotch Curves with a Flexible Ruler!  Online Class!

…….article seen in Vogue Patterns Magazine
and now you can take it online!!

(This class sold out twice at the
American Sewing Guild Conference!)

This Class is step-by-step guide that teaches you the the secrets, tips, and techniques you need to know to how to copy a crotch curve with a flexible ruler. 

You’ll learn everything you need to know for turning all your pants pattern into a perfect replica of what it was copied from .  Don’t reinvent the wheel anymore! Sign up now

When can I take this class?      ANYTIME!  Right now or later….   Sign up now and receive your first email within 5 minutes!                                                                             

There is no time limit on this class……just see the step by step videos whenever you want to–indefinitely!

You can also combine this online class with a purchase of a flexible ruler!

Class and Ruler Options

You will see have access to this online class without time limit.  Self pacing daily emails will direct you to the appropriate class page each day.  You can also view all of the class materials all at once.  Our multimedia online sewing classes are presented to you by video as well as by text.  You are going to be able to print out all of the pages and save them.

You will learn:

  • How to prepare your favorite pants to be copied
  • How to align the flexible ruler with precision
  • How to make a master crotch curve template 
  • How to prepare your commercial pants pattern for alteration 
  • A detailed supply list with items from your local sewing stores
  • How to add seam allowances quickly and easily  
  • Make all your pattern fitting precise with these permanent design lines
  • How to place your new "Crotch Curve Template" onto your pattern 
  • This method works for correcting even hand drafted patterns 
  • Understand the functions of these lines and how they are used
  • How to true your seam lines with precision 
  • And Much Much More…

  • " I was amazed… how simple it is to modify a pattern using my favorite pants. After seeing the video and following instructions (instructions were very simple and clear) it was easy for me a novice and very new at sewing."

      Get a full access to this class 24/7 for just $79.97! 

    Hurry….Limited Time Special Introductory price!!!  $49.97

    This Flexible Ruler and the Crotch Curve online class will revolutionize the way you alter all your pants patterns for good! 

    Hurry and Sign up now…Combine this online class with a purchase of a flexible ruler!!

    Class and Ruler Options


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